Personalised Study Programmes

We encourage students to study the subjects that they are passionate about and enjoy the most. Our post-16 curriculum includes all facilitating subjects and a breadth of other A level and Applied courses, some of which include work placements and training.

Russell Group Universities

The Russell Group Universities historically identified the subjects that are most frequently required for entry to degree courses. They were called ‘facilitating’ because choosing them at advanced level opened a wide range of options for university study. Russell Group has updated their guidance for prospective students, and all information on applications and subject choices can be found on the ‘Informed Choices’ website, link above. What were historically known as facilitating subjects are offered at Swanshurst Sixth Form and are:



English literature




Modern languages

Maths and further maths

The majority of our students will study 3 level 3 courses over 2 years, in line with recommendations of Russell Group Universities.

Students can select, 3 A level subjects, 3 Applied general (BTEC) qualifications, or a combination of these pathways. Some very able students may choose to study 4 A Level subjects. This is considered on an individual basis for each student at enrolment.

We also offer Level 3 Applied Technical courses that include employer engagement (work placements). As part of our broader curriculum, students study an AS qualification in Core Mathematics, The Extend Project Qualification (EPQ), or a Vocational Certificate in Criminology.