‘Pupils demonstrate pride in their school through their smart uniform’

Ofsted, November 2017

The Uniform Consists of:
  • Black blazer with school badge
  • Plum V neck jumper with school logo
  • Black charleston skirt, long plain black skirt or black tailored trousers
  • Plain white open V neck shirt

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Pencil Skirt Lycra-Skirt-a.jpg Skinny Black Trousers
Pencil Skirt Lycra Skirt Skinny Black Trousers
Skinny Black Trousers Cropped Buttoned Up Shirt Shawl.jpg
Skinny Black
Trousers Cropped
Buttoned Up Shirt Shawl
The above are not permitted.
  • Shoes - should be black, sensible and waterproof. They must be suede, leather or have a leather look. They must have no heel or a very small heel. Laces should be black. Trainers and canvas shoes are not acceptable.

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Trainer1a Trainer2a Trainer3a Trainer4b Canvas
The above trainers and canvas pumps are NOT permitted. 
  • Smart, plain black boots can be worn. Please note the following boots are not acceptable:
Ugg boot BIker Boot Tassle Boots
The above style of boots are NOT permitted.

If you are in any doubt as to the suitability of any aspect of school uniform please contact your daughter's Head of Year for advice before purchasing.

Policy on Incorrect Uniform

We encourage all our pupils to act independently and take responsibility for themselves.  If pupils have an issue with their uniform they must go to their Pastoral Year Team Office before the start of school to rectify it.  In the case of broken shoes, pupils must bring a note from home and collect spare shoes from their Year Team Office before the start of school. Failure to do this will result in a uniform detention.

Socks/tights - these can be flesh coloured, black or grey. No patterned or lacy tights or socks please. Short white, black or grey socks in the Summer months are acceptable. Leggings are not permitted.

Headscarves - should be black only.

Coats & Jackets - need to be smart and practical. They should be plain with no writing or large logos. Hooded tops, tracksuit tops or branded tops are NOT allowed and will be confiscated. Jackets with leather or denim are not allowed.

Jewellery - we allow one plain stud in each ear and one small stud in the nose. Nose rings are not permitted. All piercings must be removed for PE. We suggest any new piercings are done at the start of the Summer holidays. Girls can also wear one discreet ring and a watch.

Nails, Make Up & Hair - nails should look natural. False nails are not allowed. All other types of nail polish will be removed. Make up and hair colour should be natural.

PE Kit

  • Badged white polo shirt.
  • Plain black jogging bottoms.
  • Black sport shorts (no cycling shorts)
  • Trainers don't have to be  specific colour.
  • A fleece is compulsory for all pupils.
  • Sport hijabs/cap

* Swanshurst School reserves the right to define what is appropriate uniform.

Our current suppliers include:
  • Clive Marks (Kings Heath)
  • Mansuri
  • Midland Schoolwear